Our Services


Aztec is one of the largest distribution companies in the region, with offices in all of Baghdad, Basrah, Najaf, Erbil, Kirku, Nineveh, Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, Halabjah, Kalar, Rania, and Zaxo. We provide distribution services to our clients locally all across Iraq, from the north to the south, and internationally across different geographical areas through our fleet of 500 vehicles.

At the core of our distribution services lies our profound logisitics mechanism. Our management principles rely on an automated logistics system that connects all branches with our showrooms and warehouses. This is supported by a sophisticated ERP (Database Management System) that instantly updates on each transaction. The system enables us to predict future client requirements and ensure availability of products throughout the year.


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From our headquarters in Iraq we control warehouses that are evenly distributed. We have spared no expense in implementing a highly technical stock control system that is also centrally operated from our headquarters. Stock is managed and accurately tracked using professional management systems and control mechanisms. The system enables any of our sales teams to access current stock and availability of products at a glance.


Aztec's professionally-trained and market-oriented marketing team is determined to promote a brand-new product to become a well-known one, by using a variety of resources and well-studied patterns and methodologies of marketing. Our team is able to transform an unknown product in the market into a reputable and highly-regarded one. Our marketing approaches are unconventional and one of a kind.