Our portfolio of partners that we distribute:

Delia Cosmetics

Delia Cosmetics is a family company with Polish capital, which continuously since 1998, creates unique and effective cosmetics. The combination of huge knowledge, passion and innovative ideas with original formulas, best raw materials and innovative technology is the key to success. This is proven by a number of prestigious awards and millions of satisfied customers around the world. For them Delia Cosmetics performs The Strategy of Beauty.


Screen, a world-leading brand in the haircare sector, is owned by Nuova Fapam, a 100% Italian company. Aztec's partnership with Screen has made the products of the company to be one of the most popular cosmetics options in whole Iraq. With the scalable capacity of distributions and the right marketing strategy, Aztec could successfully introduce Screen products to the market in Iraq.


Cameleo is a rapidly-growing and internationally recognized brand created by the experts in hair coloring and hair care. Our partnership and demanding work is inspired by women and their chameleon nature which expresses itself in their constant drive for changes, loads of creative energy and the eagerness to experiment. Aztec has a direct partnership with Cameleo and is the sole official of Cameleo in Iraq.
  • Aztec is partnered with Cameleo since 2014

Shniyar Lashes

Shniyar Lashes is one of our extraordianry products that we are most proud of. Shinyar Lashes has been produced with the contribution with one of the famous Kurdish makeup artists, Shinyar in 2017. The product comes with 10 defferent lashes in the highest quality, and it now being distributed in all the regions of Iraq.
  • Shniyar Lashes is a private label of Aztec since 2017


Jenny Bee is one of our private label cosmetic product. We first made a contract with Lensmam company in Korea and started producing the product in 2016. We present more than 33 differen lense colors in the highest quality, and it is being distibuted in the all regions of Iraq.
  • JennyBee is a private label of Aztec since 2016


H is a dynamic and avant-garde Italian company, focusing on the realm of high-end hair products. The brand was born in 2013 with argan & keratin, the luxury range dedicated to color and post-color treatment with precious argan oil and keratin. Following the great success obtained with argan & keratin, in 2018 ph laboratories broadens it offer and launches on the market flower, a hymn to beauty and pleasure. Products, enriched with oils and floral extracts, thanks to their sensoriality they turn services in the salon into unique and exclusive beauty treatments.


Since its establishment in 2001, KOBO (established as Eagle fortress Cosmetics) has continuously striven to realize its company vocation as a ‘Professional Hair Care’ provider for global brands and retailers operating in the global market. The company was born in Hong Kong, and now it is based in Guangzhou with the aim to offer customer and professional hairdresser high quality hair care products at a competitive price.


100% vegan, nutrient-dense ingredients that work synergistically to support your wellness goals. All without any animal testing, animal byproducts, artificial flavors, colors or Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) ingredients - even our packaging is recyclable and Bisphenol A (BPA)-free!


Developed in Brazil, the Cadiveu Professional brand uses natural ingredients and innovative green technologies so you can get the hair you have always wanted. Whether you have fine, short hair or long frizzy curls or anything in between, Cadiveu Professional has the right product for you.


Rivan is our registered brand, under Rivan we produce Haircare products and Make-up products.